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Packard Clubs

If you have a Packard and have not joined a club yet I would urge you to consider joining one. There are two clubs nation wide and they are listed below. Both offer the collector and or restorer an abudant amount of information about the Packard Automobile. The both have different events like swap meets, car shows, and tours that you can participate in.
The Packard Club
PO Box 360806
Columbus, OH 43236-0806
Phone: 800-478-0012
Email: Mike and Nancy Book
  Packards International Motor Car Club - PIMCC
Don Hull, Pres.
302 French St.
Santa Ana, CA 92701
Don Hull
PAC Local Regions PIMCC Local Regions
PAC International Clubs PIMCC International Clubs
Packard Truck Organization

If your club is not listed or the information needs updating, Please contact us so we can update the information.
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